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Da´Moon is a new SYNTHPOP/SYNTHWAVEproject from Sweden and "Dark electric" is the first single to arrive. Here I take inspiration from the eighties and nineties pop sound and mix it with dancemusic of today.


"Da’Moon is an artist with a distinctive and one-of-a-kind sound, inspired by many different genres. From Pop to EDM and pretty much everything in between. His sound actually sets the bar quite high in terms of production excellence and mix quality.

His debut single, “Dark Electric” is actually a perfect example of what I am talking about. In addition to that, the song has a unique “Thelma and Louise” theme, which is all about leaving everything behind and setting off for the adventure of a lifetime!

Da’Moon’s creativity allows him to experiment with so many different forms of music and styles, keeping an open mind and a very broad scope. This is one of the many reasons why his music has such a broad resonance and it is not lost in the usual cliches and genre boundaries. Instead, it is free to float and wander off to many unexplored territories. Having said that, the song is still very easy to relate to and fun to listen to, connecting with music fans of different backgrounds."

In June it´s time for the release of his second track "A Ride". 

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